Iconic to the Emile Henry collection the tagine features a tall, conical lid that locks in aromatic steam and continuously bastes foods in their own juices. Suitable for stoves, oven and microwave use the ceramic construction allows for fantastic heat retention and distribution to seal in aromas and juices for superb, flavoursome results. Produced one at a time, each piece of Emile Henry cookware is formed and hand-finished by skilled artisans.

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  • Thanks to a special glaze and clay mixture, Flame Ceramic cookware is safe for use on direct heat and is compatible with all cooktops (induction cooking requires a diffuser plate)
  • Burgundy clay provides gentle, even heat to coax out the natural flavours of food
  • Emile Henry Flame is safe for stovetop, broiler and microwave use and is oven safe to 260°C
  • Highly resistant to thermal shock, Emile Henry cookware moves directly from freezer to oven
  • Scratch-resistant glaze provides an ultra-smooth cooking surface
  • A high firing temperature results in incredibly durable cookware that resists chipping and thermal shocks
  • Dishwasher safe

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Blue Flame, Brick, Charcoal


27cm, 32cm