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The Earth: Made from burgundy clay and other natural materials

Burgundy is noted for world-famous wines that are grown in the mineral-rich limestone soils of the region. Imparting fantastic terroir (terroir is how a particular region’s climate, soils and aspect (terrain) affect the taste of wine) in the wines, it is these soils and clays that go into the special clay cookware-crafting formulas that are the basis of all Emile Henry ceramic cookware.

Unique Attributes of Emile Henry’s Burgundy clay

  1. Emile Henry’s Burgundy clay evenly and slowly diffuses cooking heat to the very centre of the cooking dish. Food is cooked evenly, which brings out the flavours and aromas.
  2. Emile Henry’s Burgundy clay has superior heat retention properties which keep food hot and more flavoursome when resting aside.

Heat Retention Test – When the Flame cocotte was tested against a cast aluminium and cast iron product Emile Henry Flame cocotte stayed hotter for longer. Second was cast iron and lastly cast aluminium.

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Made in France


Family owned and operated, Emile Henry is in its 6th generation of family ownership.

We are proud to share that our cookware has always been produced in Marcigny, France; using Burgundy clay that is also sourced from the Burgundy region of France.



With the signature of an artisan

The hands of experts take them out of the moulds and place them on the potter’s wheel, erasing the slightest blemish. Before they are glazed and put in the kiln, each worker marks their piece with their initials – the signature of an artisan.

We are proud of this responsibility entrusted to each of our workers, which is a pledge of quality for all our production.


Healthy Cookware

Safe and Natural Cooking

We are very attentive to the production of our ceramic: only natural materials of the highest quality are used in the production of our cookware, such as non-treated clay and mineral oxides to enhance the colour glazes.

Our cookware guarantees safe and natural cooking.



10-Year guarantee against manufacturing faults and defects

Thermal shock test

Tested against two other well known brands in the marketplace, one made in France and the other in China, each piece was put in an oven and heated to 250⁰c. When removed, cold water was poured over each hot ceramic dish and the results were immediate cracking on the competitor ceramic products and NO effect on the Emile Henry ceramic.

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Mechanical shock test

Tested against another well known brand in the marketplace, each piece was put under a hammer test at 1.1 joule and 1.8 joule force. The competitor ceramic chipped at both magnitudes of force. At both magnitudes of force, the Emile Henry piece withstood the force and NO chipping occurred.

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& Heat Retention

30% lighter than cast iron and retains heat longer than cast iron.